Wagon Rides are Super Fun!

The girls on The Man's homemade cart.
     The Man has made a yearly tradition of sorts.  About once a year he makes a new wagon for the girls which he hauls behind the lawn mower for fun.  It's really more of a cart, I suppose.  It's just something for the girls to hop onto and enjoy the slow leisurely ride of the tractor on a nice day.  He never uses the mower deck, it's mainly just for fun.
Streaker and Baby Bee enjoying an off-season sled ride.
     The cart is always made of things around the house.  Of course people don't generally have several spare axles hanging about, but perhaps some old bikes with good tires and a nice strong pole?  I bet if you are creative enough, something can be made.  Perhaps a pedicab (is that what they are called..? The hand pulled carts?)  Anyway, what I am saying is that you can make wagons or carts out of many different things.  And in the winter, think "sleigh" or even "sled".
The girls enjoying some music and a ride.
     We don't like to force the sled to choose seasons, we let it frolic with Summer all it wants, lol.  Of course the tractor was on the slowest speed and it is very easy to stop, so we didn't really worry about any accidents.  When the girls asked to attach a sled to the back of the cart, we obliged.  If you do not intend to go very slow or are otherwise worried, please do not try the sled attachment.  It really is for very slow rides on the grass only.

     The girls all loved this activity and it only cost the gas that needs to be replaced from 20 minutes of mowing.  The axle was hanging about, the wood was spare wood, and the seat is from his old S-10 *heart*  I miss that truck.  The frame was something he had welded from the old swing set, but a wheelbarrow would make for some nice rides in a pinch if all else fails.

     You also may want to lay down some safety rules first if you are using a tractor.  Such rules might be that the tractor ill stop if anyone is caught moving about while it is in motion.  Another rule might be that all hands and legs stay in the cart at all times, no exceptions or bigger kids on the outside and smaller kids on the inside.


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